1. did my first interview w/ this grl frum www.ohlizawebseries.tumblr.com chk it out LOL i’m like the new ricki lake which is honestly a legit dream of mine no jokeeeee luv yas


  2. When I see someone doing a juice cleanse


  3. dear colly

    got a question 4 colly? i’d love to give advice thru my vid blog! email me princess02132@yahoo.com or tweet at me with the hashtag #dearcolly can’t wait 2 hear frum u lolll!

    x0 colly


  4. hey watsup peeps!happy friday. hope every1s doin g00d. i’m back!! did a juice cleanse and made a diary. wat a friggan week. jesus.  hope u enjoy!!! x0 colly

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  5. MORNIN PEEPS!! WOW — I AM BLESSED 2 BE ALIVE 2DAY HUN! HOLY CRAP. A ghost was in my house last nite — legit NO joke. I was FRIGGEN TERRIFIED. I’m ALRITE NOW> DOn’t WORRY!!!! BUt I was friggan SPOOKED. Here’s a post LIVE from the scene of the haunted house that was my HOUSE. omg i’m scared just thinkin abt ittttt

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  6. heyyyyy peeps watsup!! good mornin! 2day is gunna b a good day! i can just feel it. things r startin 2 turn around 4 ole colly. here is my 1st makeup tutorial 2 brighten ur day!!

    x0 colly

  7. reaching out 2 all those affected by bruin’s loss 2day

    we will get thru this very difficult time 2gether


    requested by monistwat

  8. happy fatha’s day 2 all the dads out there - legitimate or illegit 

    colly luvs you



  9. I am legit flippin out rite now b/c freakin RUSTY from THE TOWN is a fan fo the videos! I rly feel blessed 2day & kno this is a sign that I will b a star. fingas crosed 4 a role in Ben’s next movie! x0 colly

  10. mornin peeps! chk out wat i have 2 say about datin n this new video. hope u like it. colleen luvs ya x0 colly